Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Like Shit and Flowers: A Homecoming - Feb. 27th, 7-11pm

Join us for a special viewing of “It’s Like Shit and Flowers”

John Charnota and Alison Wong have returned from Philly with work from their exhibition “It’s Like Shit and Flowers” and wanted to share it with everyone back home!

This first time collaborative between John Charnota and Alison Wong was recently exhibited at Grizzly Grizzly. The two part, two month long exhibition opened in December and was then reworked and reinstalled for the month of January. Works from both iterations of the exhibition will be on display at Butter Projects this Friday, February 27th with a reception from 7-11pm.

“It’s Like Shit and Flowers” combines contrasting concepts to seek an appreciation for both, while commenting on the futile attempts we take to mask one with the other. The exhibition explores themes such as beauty and decay, love and loss, the authentic and the constructed.

It's Like Shit and Flowers comes home because after all...
“from shit come flowers that over time return to shit and back again.”