Tuesday, March 29, 2016

THEM: April 1 - May 7, 2016

Please join us for the opening reception of "THEM" this Friday, April 1, 2016 from 7-11pm.

BUTTER projects is pleased to present “THEM”, a group show featuring three Detroit-based artists working in painting, photography, and sculpture. “THEM” is loosely framed around portraiture, commonly defined as a representation or likeness of a specific individual, however it holds the ability to do so much more. The exhibiting artists invite us to delve past the surface into the intimacies, idiosyncrasies, and histories that lie beneath. Obscured or displaced from its traditional context, the presented forms create a new dialogue that leads us back to ourselves through found connections. Whether the subject or object, looking or being looked at, we are THEM.

William Irving Singer (b.1985 - Detroit, MI) references historic paintings as a starting point from which he breaks down the figure to near abstraction. Alongside the brightly coloured large scale paintings Singer is known for, “THEM” highlights a series of gestural studies pulled together in a disjointed narrative. Singer received his MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and recently completed a residency at Red Bull House of Art in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  

Lauren Kalman (b. 1980 - Cleveland Heights, OH) combines the practice of contemporary craft, sculpture, photography, video, installation, and performance. Selections from two bodies of work will be on display including a new series created at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Both works investigate the body through adornment and masking of forms, pointing to historical, political, and social contexts as it relates to sex, gender, power, pleasure, and beauty. Kalman received her MFA from Ohio State University and her work has been widely exhibited and published.

Kat Burdine (b. 1986 - St. Paul, MN) is a mixed media artist with a focus on print and installation. Hidden in corners and perched on gallery furniture, the ongoing sculptural series titled “Strays” find their home at Butter. The series came from the artist’s fascination by the representation and misrepresentation of marginalized people and their environments. Burdine’s anthropomorphic wood carved dogs challenge human expectation and acceptance. Burdine received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is currently working out of Talking Dolls, Detroit.

During the run of the exhibition, Butter Projects will hold open hours Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3pm. Additional hours can be made by appointment, to schedule, email

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

UNEARTHED (Closing Reception + Performance): Nov 21th, 7-11pm

"Unearthed" features work by Jennifer Bennett + Bridget Frances Quinn with individual projects + a collaborative installation inspired by exploration and the compulsion to collect + archive found material from the world around them. Join us for the last chance to see the exhibition before it returns to the earth with a closing reception and special performance by artist, Jennifer Bennett at 9pm.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

UNEARTHED: October 30 - November 22, 2015

Please join us for the opening reception of "UNEARTHED" this Friday, October 30, 7-11pm.

Featured artists Jennifer Bennett and Bridget Frances Quinn made their way to Detroit to participate in residency programs. The two women were introduced to each other just one month ago when Butter Projects brought them together for the first exhibition of the season*. Each share a fascination with exploration developed out of a compulsion to collect and archive found material from the world around them - both natural and man-made elements that come from or been have returned to the earth. “Unearthed” includes both individual projects by each artist as well as a collaborative installation which incorporates sculptural components set among photographic environments.

Dual US and Swiss citizen, Bennett first visited Detroit in 2006 from Hamburg, Germany and returned in 2014 to attend a residency at Filter Detroit in Hamtramck and again in 2015. This exhibition marks the culmination of a project titled “Stands on All Sides”, a body of ceramic sculptures created from native clay sourced at the various locations where Bennett had residencies this summer in Columbus-Ohio, Detroit-Michigan, and Medellin-Columbia. Many of the works were created while in Detroit, during a series of community workshops held at Popps Packing, another prominent local residency program.  

Coming from Austin, Texas in 2013, Quinn attended a residency at Third Story in Southwest Detroit and never left. Shortly after the decision to permanently relocate to Detroit, Quinn founded Picnic Club, an open group that meets at various locations throughout the city to inspire curiosity and engage in creative investigations all while enjoying a picnic. “Unearthed” features a most recent excursion titled “Beautiful Trespass” where picnickers gathered to sing along to the sounds of traffic on a green island surrounded by converging expressways.

"Unearthed" will be on display through November 22, 2015. From November 6 - 22, Butter will be open Fridays from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 1-3pm with additional hours by appointment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Staging Ground: May 1-30, 2015

Please join us for the opening reception of "STAGING GROUND" this Friday, May 1, 7-11pm.



"Staging Ground" features installations by three artists working across a range of media who transform the gallery space by creating environments for both the individual components of their work and the viewer. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between figure and ground as the artists compose narratives that speak to history, masculine archetypes, and displacement. Through the use of color, scale, and imagery, the installations set the stage for us to enter another place, time, or state of mind.

Formally trained as a printmaker, Alexander Buzzalini of Hamtramck, MI creates work that straddles the line between 2 and 3 Dimensions. His drawings function as props that become animated by emerging away from and receding back into flat space. Buzzalini received his BFA from Wayne State University in 2013 and has exhibited across Metro Detroit, most recently at Public Pool (Hamtramck, MI), and Madonna University (Livonia, MI).

Jon P Geiger, ceramist living and working in Pontiac, MI, employs the magic of cinema through the appropriation of distinct imagery and symbolism from the Great American West juxtaposed with handcrafted elements. Geiger received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at Three Walls (Chicago, IL) and Good Weather Gallery (North Little Rock, AR)

Nick Mayer, currently in Long Island, NY creates painting based installations that challenge traditional modes of display by rolling, slumping, and layering works on top of each other. His large-scale installations play with contrasting concepts and language –both visual and written. Mayer is a Yale University School of Art 2017 MFA candidate and has exhibited nationally, with an upcoming exhibition at Lease Agreement (Baltimore, MD)

On display through May 30, 2015. From May 8 - 30, Butter will be open Fridays from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 1-3pm with additional hours by appointment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whisper Well: March 13 - April 10, 2015


Please join us for the opening reception of "Whisper Well" this Friday, March 13, 7-11pm. With a special performance at 8:30pm.

The work featured in "Whisper Well" finds beauty in the overlooked and discarded. Sharing an unspoken sensibility, the four female artists take pause to examine and give new life to the various materials and moments found in their respective studio practices. These private acts of making, whether tied to personal association or to the artists hand,
transcend the individual experience through a universal compulsion to see, touch, and feel our way to understanding.

Pontiac, MI based ceramicist, Lindsey Dezman's minimal works feature recurring forms and materials that serve as a visual record of the repetition of her daily practice.

Kim Hildebrandt of Wyandotte, MI will be doing a live performance of "Reach" a work that pushes her physical limitations and leaves behind a mapping of her failed attempts. Kim's performance will begin at 8:30pm.

Detroit, MI based sculptor, Kylie Lockwood's work is influenced by the body and the ambiguous spaces that exist between inside and outside.

Rachel Reynolds, Hamtramck, MI based painter and mixed media artist will be exhibiting an installation inspired by imagery collected anonymously in public spaces.

On display through April 10, 2015. From March 20 - April 10, Butter will be open Fridays from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 1-3pm with additional hours by appointment.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Like Shit and Flowers: A Homecoming - Feb. 27th, 7-11pm

Join us for a special viewing of “It’s Like Shit and Flowers”

John Charnota and Alison Wong have returned from Philly with work from their exhibition “It’s Like Shit and Flowers” and wanted to share it with everyone back home!

This first time collaborative between John Charnota and Alison Wong was recently exhibited at Grizzly Grizzly. The two part, two month long exhibition opened in December and was then reworked and reinstalled for the month of January. Works from both iterations of the exhibition will be on display at Butter Projects this Friday, February 27th with a reception from 7-11pm.

“It’s Like Shit and Flowers” combines contrasting concepts to seek an appreciation for both, while commenting on the futile attempts we take to mask one with the other. The exhibition explores themes such as beauty and decay, love and loss, the authentic and the constructed.

It's Like Shit and Flowers comes home because after all...
“from shit come flowers that over time return to shit and back again.”

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Like Shit and Flowers - Show Pics

Here are some pics for those who weren't able to make it out to our exhibition in Philly last Friday.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's Like Shit and Flowers Dec 5, 2014 - Jan 31, 2015

Butter Projects is headed to Philadelphia...

"It's Like Shit and Flowers" is part of an exchange with Grizzly Grizzly (Philadelphia, PA), whose members premiered their work in "Writing Lessons" earlier this year. 

Alison Wong and John Charnota will be opening their collaborative exhibition “It’s Like Shit and Flowers” at Grizzly Grizzly, this Friday, December 5, with an opening reception from 6-10pm.
The exhibition will evolve half way through the run of the exhibition and will be on view through Saturday, January 31, 2015.

“It’s Like Shit and Flowers” combines contrasting concepts to seek an appreciation for both, while commenting on the futile attempts we take to mask one with the other. The exhibition explores themes such as beauty and decay, love and loss, the authentic and the constructed.

For full press release and more information visit Grizzly Grizzly HERE

Monday, September 29, 2014

Writing Lessons: Oct 3 - Nov 7, 2014

Butter Projects is pleased to be starting off the exhibition season with an exchange with our friends from the Philadelphia-based curatorial collective, Grizzly Grizzly!

Writing Lessons is a group exhibition inspired by a set of instructions found in the textbook, Manual of Fundamentals in the Teaching of Handwriting in the Public Schools, published in 1918. In the book, author, Tom Sawyier instructs students through the finer points of cursive penmanship using cryptic directions such as this one, for writing the letter "A":
 Around-up-down-up; around down; roll-pull; 1-2.

Intrigued by the concept of using words to describe the making of words (and the multiplicity of meanings created by that effort), members of Philadelphia-based curatorial collective Grizzly Grizzly offer a group exhibition of works related to text and the kinesthetic and visual relationship of the mind and hand.  

Writing Lessons features works both by members of Grizzly Grizzly and artists who have exhibited with Grizzly Grizzly in the past; it includes work on paper, painting, sculpture, audio, and video.  

ARTISTS: Ruth Scott Blackson, Casey Droege, Talia Greene, Michael Konrad, Cindy Stockton Moore, Mary Smull, Mike Richison, Christopher Powell, Josh Weiss, and Margo Wolowiec.

Please join us this Friday, October 3, from 7-11pm for the opening reception and meet Grizzly Grizzly member Mary Smull, along with participating artists, Mike Richison and Christopher Powell, who will be in attendance.

Writing Lessons will be on display through November 7, 2014. During the run of the exhibition, Butter will be open Fridays from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 1-3pm with additional hours by appointment.

This exhibition is part of and exchange between Grizzly Grizzly and Butter Projects, who will be exhibiting in Philadelphia December 5, 2014 –Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Sale Closing Party

Friday, September 5, 7-10pm

Don't miss out, there are still lots of great items left and all purchases support exhibition programming. Join us for an evening of music, drinks, and special deals!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

BUTTER SUMMER SALE - July 18-Sept5, 2014

Butter Projects is hosting a special sale with hundreds of items from art supplies, knick-knacks, housewares, and more generously donated by local artists. These items have been used to create custom works of art, interactive installations, and unique displays throughout the gallery.

Everything is priced to sell and available for purchase on a first come basis with all proceeds going to benefit future exhibitions and programming at Butter Projects.

The Butter Summer Sale will be open Fridays from 1-5 pm and Saturdays from 1-3 pm with additional hours by appointment through September 5, 2014.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Exhibition Extended

BINDING (The Secret Sayers)
will be on display through June 22, 2014

Regular Hours:
Fridays: 1-5pm
Saturdays: 1-3pm

and book release
Sunday, June 22, 2-6pm

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BINDING (The Secret Sayers) May 2 - June 22

BUTTER projects is excited to bring together two artists, Brooklyn, NY based, Loren Erdrich and Oakland, CA based, Bunnie Reiss for a collaborative exhibition, titled “Binding (The Secret Sayers)” which opens Friday, May 2nd with an opening reception from 7-10pm. The exhibition runs through June 22, 2014.

The two mixed media artists met five years ago during a residency at the Vermont Studio Center where they made a connection through their shared philosophy and practice. Coming from varied approaches, Erdrich and Reiss are both avid makers whose work is woven together through threads of magic and mysticism. Over the past month, Reiss relocated to Brooklyn on an ad-hoc residency to work side by side with Erdrich in preparation for this exhibition.

“Binding (The Secret Sayers)” will feature both collaborative installations and independent works that were created in dialogue with each other. Drawing lies at the foundation of Erdrich and Reiss’s process. It is this first mark, this first line that runs along the surface of the page, charged with their own stories, that binds them together. The strength of this magical bond, comes to a pinnacle in their large scale installation which showcases a two headed coyote emerging from the ground, symbolizing the power of a third entity created from two joined forces.

During the run of the exhibition, Butter Projects will hold open hours Friday from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 1-3pm. Additional hours can be made by appointment, to schedule, email

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Closing Reception: April 18, 7-10pm